Stones & Bones

For their latest piece, Stones and Bones, RootlessRoot worked with the English sculptor Peter Randall-Page to create a performance about the transience of human existence. White marble – a material with metaphysical dimensions that constitutes the bedrock of European civilization – lies at the core of the work, even though its natural place lies inside majestic mountains, far outside theater convention.

In “Stones and Bones”, five female performers – dancing to an original score by Vassilis Mantzoukis – carve out a poem about the fragile nature of human existence and the need to leave our mark on the world.




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Artistic Directors & Choreographers: RootlessRoot - Linda Kapetanea, Jozef Fruček

Performed by: Linda Kapetanea, Elena Topalidou, Iro Konti, Hyaejin Lee

Music Composition: Vassilis Mantzoukis

Songs performed by: Martha Frintzila, 

Musicians performing: Vassilis Mantzoukis, Kostas Nikolopoulos, Nikos Papaioannou, Lampros Papanikolaou

Set Design & Visual Contributors: Thomas Randall-Page, Peter Randall-Page

Set Supervision: Paris Mexis

Sound Design: Christos Parapagidis

Sound Engineer: Yiannis Skandamis

Light Design: Periklis Mathiellis

Costume Design: Isabelle Lhoas

Texts: Jozef Fruček

Texts Editing: Ioanna Nasiopoulou

Photography: Alexandros Papathanasopoulos

*Additional Song "HOW SHOULD I YOUR TRUE LOVE KNOW" Lyrics: The first of Shakespeare's Ophelia's "Mad Songs", Hamlet, Act IV Scene 5. Traditional Music of unknown author

Production Management & Touring: CULTOPIA

Supported by Iktinos Marmaron

Stones & Bones tour is supported by ONASSIS STEGI - “Outward Turn” Cultural export program and funded by the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sports for its european tour production co-ordination


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