Pilgrims, conceived and implemented by Danae & Dionysios is an umbrella of activities designed for public spaces, with the aim of traveling to provinces located away from urban centres. The intense need to bridge two worlds which have not yet met, constitutes the initiative to create this project. Main source of inspiration is the pilgrimage people from several locations in Europe decide to begin towards Santiago de Compostela in Spain, also known as Camino de Santiago. Pilgrims aspires to tour in small towns and villages, engraving the artists' own pilgrimage.

Pilgrims consists of Omen of Fάrιsa, Napi, the girl and the bubble, a 3 day movement workshop and a film documenting the artists' journey.

Omen of Fάrιsa

“Sitting on top of the horse back, sleep took over me and the mountains laughed. It has been forever since the first day yet we walk, carrying the weight of the memories our ancestors left. Kings and Queens, beggars and thieves, they are only masks that we wore to survive the dream. Is the sun burning my face? Or is it just a cold breeze, cleansing my fate from the unforgivable sin? Now David’s song has chased away the nightmares and I can rest in peace. I swear to the bird and I swear to the tree, I will not stop walking until I find the sea”.

Omen of Fárisa is a duet that was created for outdoor spaces. The work follows two characters’ need for genuine connection and contact even as they remain in close proximity. It is inspired by the notion of pilgrimage as a simulation of the human journey through life, of our relationship with animals and the natural world. How can two separate trajectories meet and travel together? How do we build relationships on shared connection and mutual support? How can the established hierarchy of humans and animals be redefined?

Napi, the girl and the bubble

"Napi, the girl and the bubble" is a family-friendly production intended to bring younger audiences closer to dance, creating a safe space for these young viewers’ first encounter with movement. Inspired by Hayao Miyazaki’s film My Neighbour Totoro, we observe the blossoming of an enchanting friendship between a girl and a mysterious yet familiar creature, who meet somewhere between the magical world and reality. We hope that Napi, the girl and the bubble will provide us with the opportunity of responding to that most vital question: How can we inspire younger audiences?


Danae & Dionysios



Concept, Choreography — performance: Danae & Dionysios

Tour Management: CULTOPIA

The “Pilgrims” project is realised with the financial support of the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sports.


Omen of Fάrιsa

Choreography — performance: Danae & Dionysios
Music: Constantine Skourlis
Cello: Konstantinos Chinis
With the kind support of: Loop Dance Lab, Big Story Productions


Napi, the girl and the bubble

Choreography — performance: Danae & Dionysios
Music: Aaron Martin, Christos Sakellaridis, Blue Dot Sessions
Mask & costume design: Martha Foka
Costume construction: Folia Baletou
With the kind support of: The J.F. Costopoulos Foundation, Orsolina28

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