The work is a duet on female identity. Two women explore their dyadic relationship by approaching with humor and sensitivity issues on power, hierarchy, inclusion and exclusion. The performance meets the vague boundaries between dressed and naked body through a penetrating look which allows its differences to be seen.




Choreography: Maria Koliopoulou

Performers: Ioanna Apostolou, Christina Reinhardt

Sound design: Yiannis Isidorou

Costumes: Marios Rammos

Light design: Thomas Economacos

Artistic collaborators: Katerina Liontou, Mariza Vinieratou, Betina Panagiotara

Choreographer Assistant: Nadi Gogoulou

Video / Photos: Elpida Tempou

Trailer: Gevi Dimitrakopoulou

Production manager: CULTOPIA

A Prosxima Dance Company production 

Supported by 

The Greek Ministry of Culture and Sports in the frame of the State Subsidies for Dance 2019, 2020

Amnesty International Greece

Creative production in performing arts