Ephemeral Body

An autobiographical dance performance, where the folding of the stage object acts as a metaphor for the body changes experienced by the performer. Ephemeral Body is an autobiographical dance performance that outlines a journey of recovery and the quest for the body identity of the performer, who experiences now, as a dancer and a choreographer, mobility impairments. Using the concept of her folded stage object as a metaphor for the bodily changes she experiences, the performer unfolds aspects and fragments of her personal experience with disability through her relationship and living history with a folded object she had been associated with in the past. Penetrating the materiality of the object, she elicits memories by transforming the object into live moving images punctuated by moments and experiences. Therefore, the matter-as-fold acquires a form through the inner world of the performer and becomes the ground for the unfolding of her psychic world, as mentioned by Gilles Deleuze in his book on the fold. Employing the material object as a carrier of memories and emotions, as well as a building material, the body constructs, fuses, develops, and re-creates spaces where dipoles such as “movement – stasis,” “human – non-human” coexist and converse, calling through fragments another life to resurface, while at the same time, redefining its very self.

Ephemeral Body by Valasia Simeon qualified through the Open Call Onassis Future N.O.W. 2022 and was presented as part of the M-Power Festival by Onassis Stegi.


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Concept & Research: Valasia Simeon

Choreography, Performance & Art Direction: Valasia Simeon

Research Consultant: Ninos Valcanos

Set Design: Faidra Apostolika

Artistic Collaborator: Mariza Vinieratou

Dramaturgy Consultant: Betina Panagiotara

Music Design: Michalis Vrettas

Costume Design: Pavlos Thanopoulos

Light Design: Thomas Economacos

Production Management: CULTOPIA

Produced by: ONASSIS STEGI

We would like to thank Aliki Kontziou-Gousa's Dance School, Fondas Chalatsis, Anna Pangalou and Tasos Apostolou for their contribution to the work.


Part of the program Europe Beyond Access.

Co-funded by the Creative Europe Program of the European Union.

Creative production in performing arts