Citizens and Open Data for Sustainable Development

The forum “Citizens and Open Data for Sustainable Development” aspires to connect citizens with science and science with politics. What is Citizen Science? What are the 17 Sustainable Development Goals that the United Nations have set out to achieve by 2030? How do they affect the development agenda in Greece? How can smartphones, low-cost sensors, open data visualisation platforms and satellite systems provide more specific measurements and better predictions for critical situations such as extreme weather events like flooding and droughts? And how can we activate citizen communities in order to design and implement smarter policies?

The forum welcomed distinguished speakers from Greece and Britain, including the Edinburgh Futures Institute, the University of Dundee, the Hellenic Platform for Development and Organization Earth which presented new strategies, tools and programmes during an evening of information, discussion and networking, focusing on active citizenship, open data and sustainable development.

In collaboration with CulturePolis and Permaculture Association.


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