ABC_Ein Spiel ohne Scherz

Since 2018, the interdisciplinary artist collective, MATERNAL FANTASIES, has been developing artistic practices that intricately engage with the complex landscape of the care crisis. Viewing motherhood as a dynamic process rather than a fixed physical identity, the collective collaboratively brings forth contemporary queer-feminist perspectives, weaving together individual experiences while simultaneously juxtaposing divergent and intergenerational positions to create a rich polyvocality.

MATERNAL FANTASIES integrates children into their artistic endeavors, focusing on inclusive, community-oriented experiments as alternatives to conventional art production structures. In their latest project, ABC_ein Spiel ohne Scherz, the collective creates an abecedary on maternal care through short videos and a live performance. The overarching goal is to tap into intergenerational knowledge, fostering a relearning of mutual care beyond the confines of the traditional mother-child relationship, extending to any dynamic that demands an intensive approach.

The Abecedary project, blending feminist discourses with personal narratives from performers and envisioning future narratives from children, offers a playful yet critical response to the undervaluation of care work within capitalism. The intention is to experiment with the development of poetic meanings that challenge existing discourses surrounding the social institution of motherhood and artistic labor.


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Concept and artistic coordination: Maicyra Leão

Performance, Scores, Stage and Costume: Hanne Klaas, Isabell Spengler, Magdalena Kallenberger, Maicyra Leão  & Mikala Hyldig Dal

Performance (Children): Rasmus, Kayan, Liva, Mie, Morten, Nury, Samuel, Selma, Wim,

Dramaturgy: Rodrigo Garcia Alves

Composition and Sound Design: Constantin John

Music Preparation: Nouras Hanana

Prop Design: Gry Björge

Light Design: Mirella Brandi

Light Assistant: Kathleen Kunath

Graphic Design: Manuela & Thiago Eichner

Artistic Assistant: Mariana Romagnani

Production: Rania Mavriki/CULTOPIA

Short Videos - Performance: Aino El-Sohl, Lena Chen, Maicyra Leão  & Mikala Hyldig Dal

Short Videos - Editing: Hanne Klaas

Short Videos - Sign Language Translation: Yomma GmbH

Photos: Óscar Barbosa, Chrysanthi Ha


Funded by the Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Community. With support from Uferstudios and Theaterhaus Berlin Mitte.

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